Angel Ruiz is a portrait and fine art photographer born in Lima, Peru in 1988. He has always been sensitive to beauty and as a child his grandmother, a self-taught painting artist, encouraged him to develop his drawing and painting skills. He received prizes for his drawing talent and after school he decided to make a living from art and studied graphic design at the prestigious Institute Toulouse – Lautrec.

Inspired by the places he visited and the people he met, Angel started doing portrait photography. Resulting from his passion for fitness, photography, and traveling, he specialized in fine art male photography. With time he developed an aesthetic that would tell a story and inspire emotions.

Angel presents cinematic-like images that merge sensuality, sensitivity, elegance, desire, and strength. As he explains, “My process is very intuitive and my subjects are not only models. Every shoot is a collaboration in order to stay true to their personalities.”

His subjects are usually moving but even when they are at rest, they remain organic. Through his work, we have the feel of witnessing these men at their most intimate, their story is left to our imagination. We become a voyeur.  

Angel lives and works in Lima, Peru, but his adventurous spirit makes him travel the world constantly, looking for "Beautiful Strangers" as he likes to call the men that inspire him and also is the given name of his ongoing series.